Today we submit Version One of the BSMW Draft Rumor Inventory. We’ve been keeping track of the draft prospects the Pats have been interviewing and working out since draft season began with the college all-star games in January. They’re listed below, along with the first source of the rumor, type of contact (see key below) and finally, Scout, Inc.’s estimation of the player’s draft value (by round).

The common perception is that the Patriots never draft the players they are reportedly ‘talking to’. That will undoubtedly be true for most of the players listed below. But just last year, the very same contacts occured with eventual draftees Chad Jackson and Jeremy Mincey, so sometimes the rumored interest ends up being not so rumored after all.

At the very least, a look at this inventory in total may give us an idea where the Pats are headed. For example, they’ve been linked to a total of 17 players who carry either a 1st or 2nd round grade. 11 of them are defensive players. 8 of them are outside linebackers or converted defensive end types. That might give us a hint as to their first day intentions.

Here’s a key for the rumor chart:

AS – Interview at a college all-star game
CB – Interview at the Combine
PD – Scouts attended a Pro Day for the player
WK – Scouts conducted a private workout
VIS – Player visits team

The X marks the spot, or spots, as it were. A player like Michigan DE Lamar Woodley, a possible 2nd rounder, has had several contacts with the Pats, according to the buzz. Draw your own conclusions.

The Inventory will be back with an update in mid-April. If you see ommissions, or have corrections, dial Until then, here’s what we’ve got.