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The Patriots continued working on their roster yesterday in the wake of two major losses that have left their much anticipated season to begin under unexpected storm clouds.

DE Richard Seymour, the five-time Pro Bowler considered one of the NFL’s best defensive players, was placed on the Reserve/PUP list Saturday as he continues to rehab from off-season knee surgery.

Just a day before the announcement that Seymour will miss the team’s first six games, SS Rodney Harrison became the latest major American sports figure to discredit themselves and their game through the use of performance enhancing drugs. He was suspended by Commissioner Roger Goodell Friday night, and will be lost to the Patriots until early October.

The Patriots yesterday used the roster exemption for Harrison, and another for cornerback Asante Samuel, to re-sign tight end Marcellus Rivers and grab inside linebacker David Herron on waivers from the Minnesota Vikings. The moves bring New England’s roster to 53 players.

According to John Tomase of the Herald, coach Bill Belichick tried to use Herron as a bargaining chip to convince the Vikings to pass on Pats castoff Garrett Mills, but to no avail. Belichick reportedly offered to pass on Herron if the Vikings did the same with Mills, who the Pats wanted to move to their practice squad after cutting him Saturday. Tomase quotes Childress as telling a Minneapolis radio station:

“I said, ‘Well, I’m really interested in your guy, so we’ll have to let our guy slide,’ ” Childress said. “He didn’t really care for that. He was trying to leverage. You always find out who is honest and straightforward.”

What’s not honest and straighforward about a simple business proposition? You do this, and in exchange, I’ll do that? Apparently, in Minnesota that constitutes a crime of some sort, and Boy Scout Childress took to the airwaves to let Twin Cities citizens that he was on the beat.

Childress really should have learned by now not to tangle with Belichick: recent returns (Super Bowl 39, last season’s shellacking in the Metrodome) indicate that he’s overmatched. Maybe he ought to first see if he can master when and how to pull off a two-minute drill before he takes public victory laps around a five-time Super Bowl winner.

Even though they lost out on Mills, a former fourth-round pick, the Patriots went on to stock their practice squad as they prepared to travel to the Meadowlands for next Sunday’s season opener with the New York Jets.

According to Mike Reiss of the Globe, the Pats reached agreements yesterday with offensive lineman Clint Oldenburg, receivers Bam Childress and CJ Jones, linebacker Corey Mays, and defensive lineman Santonio Thomas, leaving just three spots to fill on the eight-man squad.

In our Feature of the Day, Reiss looks at the dependable Jarvis Green, who will play a major role in determining the Patriots early fortunes as he steps in for Seymour.

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