by Scott Benson

The gang over at No Logo Needed, a Cleveland Browns blog, has asked your humble PD correspondents to participate in their mock draft, which will call on NFL fan bloggers across the nation to represent the league’s 32 teams

God help us. In a miraculous stroke of luck, we’ve been assigned our own New England Patriots at selection #23.

The draft actually started last Friday, and here are the first six picks:

  1. Detroit – Matthew Stafford, QB (pick made by The Wayne Fontes Experience)
  2. St. Louis – Eugene Monroe, OT (autopick; apparently no one bothers to blog the Rams)
  3. Kansas City – Aaron Curry, LB (pick made by the KC Chiefs News)
  4. Seattle – Michael Crabtree, WR (pick made by Dave Krieg’s Strike Beard)
  5. Cleveland – Rey Maualuga, LB (pick made by No Logo Needed)
  6. Cincinnati – Jason Smith, OT (pick made by Bengal Stripes)

We’ll be cooling our heels for a bit here – each team has 24 hours to make their selection, and follow up with a short bit explaining the pick. If you’d like, you can follow along through any of the above links. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye on the proceedings and report back on the progress every so often.

If you have suggestions on who ought to be on the PD Big Board for the Pats at #23, let ’em fly below.