December 20, 2004
Dolphins vs. Patriots
At Pro Player Stadium, Dolphins WIN, 29-28
By Scott A. Benson

Frankly, its late, I知 tired and pissed off, and I don奏 feel like making the effort. Here are 37 cents and an envelope. Drop this in a mailbox when you池e done with it.

Let痴 just leave it at this. This is the rule � you are what you are. And the Patriots are a 12-1 team that just blew an eleven point lead in the final four minutes to lose to a 2-11 team that � until tonight anyway � was the reigning laughingstock of the NFL.

You are what you are, and that痴 what the Patriots are. They池e the laughingstocks tonight, and rightfully so. They earned it, big time.

The gruesome detail is immaterial. I wasn’t particularly concerned about the awkward flow of the game, though it was ugly to watch. Hey, I figure every game, no matter who against, is hard. And despite their record, the Dolphins has gradually become competitive again, under their interim coach. So it wasn’t altogether surprising to see the game play so close.

However, it is surprising, to put it mildly, to see the New England Patriots give up twelve points in the final 3:52 to lose by one. To a 2-11 team. In December. With the previously omnipotent Tom Brady looking like an amateur while personally giving the game to a team that needed a win like I need a drink right now.

Can you just imagine what we壇 be saying if this was Pittsburgh that lost this game tonight? Or how about Indianapolis? The Jets? We壇 be killing them. We壇 laugh in our self-superior way about what pretenders they are. Well tonight folks, the jokes on us.

Teams that are about to win the Super Bowl don稚 lose these games. That痴 all there is to it. They just don稚. Any tortured rationalization to the contrary would be an even bigger joke than what we just witnessed.

Anyway, have a Merry Christmas everybody. See you next week. They have to finish out the schedule � it痴 a contractual thing.