August 18, 2005
Saints vs. Patriots
At Gillette Stadium, Patriots LOSE, 37-27
By Scott A. Benson

I don’t know about you, but I had a hell of a good time watching the Patriots and the New Orleans Saints last night at Gillette Stadium.

Well, for most of the night anyway.

The Patriots got the better of a rollicking, back and forth first half – played predominantly by starters on both teams – before their relief corps threw up 30 putrid minutes that led to a 37-27 New Orleans win.

The Saints rallied for 21 straight second-half points, including a late touchdown drive that was followed quickly by a defensive score (off a Matt Cassel fumble), for the rare victory by a Gillette visitor.

In the first half, the Pats offense continued to look relatively sharp, with a (mostly) well-executed passing game and strong running despite the absence of Corey Dillon.

On the other hand, New England