I’m about to go all Maureen McGovern on your asses with a few lingering thoughts, as the sun comes up across Maine’s western mountains….

The number of passes caught by Patriots wide receivers last night? Three. Before you get all excited about that, Erik Davis and Rich Musinski caught 66% of them.

Again, I maintain that it was a good night for the rookies. Along with the aforementioned Maroney and Mills, it turns out Jeremy Mincey led all Pats in tackles (with 5), and on one play I particularly recall, LeKevin Smith, the d-line hopeful, made a nice penetrating play in the backfield to squelch a Falcon run. I spotted rookies O’Callaghan and Stevenson taking snaps on the offensive front and acquitting themselves well.

The kickers both had reasonable length on their kickoffs and Steven Gostkowski hit his first field goal as a pro, a 34 yarder just inside the right post. In their Amazing Race to succeed Adam Vinatieri, this week was a non-elimination challenge for the rookie and veteran Martin Gramatica.

Asante Samuel got the start at the corner opposite Ellis Hobbs, and made a few plays beyond his end zone pick of Schaub. Atlanta’s Michael Jenkins went up and ripped his touchdown catch away from the diminutive Samuel, who seemed to have good coverage only to be outmuscled in the end. Eugene Wilson briefly handled mop-up duty after getting a ton of work at CB over the previous two weeks. Moral of the story: I have no idea what the hell is going on at cornerback.