Just after we posted our weekly roundtable tonight, we learned that the Patriots seem on the verge of signing the recently retired Junior Seau to play middle linebacker for them in 2006. In a strange development, Mike Reiss has Seau’s old team, the San Diego Chargers, basically confirming the story.

It’s another one of those Patriots acquisitions that just surprises the hell out of everybody. Seau, with whatever he has left, certainly tosses an unexpected wild card in the shuffling deck that is the Patriots linebacking situation. He’s always been a player that has elicited varied opinions (ask Pete Sheppard, or for that matter, me, I guess), and he’ll have to transition to the inside after playing most of his career on the edge.

The real question is if, and how much, this relates to Tedy Bruschi, and if this possible deal with Seau means that Patriots officials now expect Bruschi to miss a portion of the season with his broken wrist.