In the pre-season game that is known as THE dress rehearsal for the approaching regular season, the Patriots starters are completely overwhelming the Washington Redskins, an 05 NFC semi-finalist, by a halftime score of 20-0.

Tom Brady has been the star, leading four scoring drives that heavily emphasized the pass, often from a no-huddle spread offense that the Redskins couldn’t stop. Ben Watson has been scary good (the only way you can describe it), both sitting down in zones for short gains, and blistering up the seam for 35 yards. His end zone cookie from Brady (who had eluded a massive Skins blitz) was almost too easy. Troy Brown has also been a key receiver, and it was his diving catch that set up the first Pats TD of the night, a 5 yard run by Laurence Maroney.

The Patriots have only run the ball 12 times, and have gotten nowhere. Corey Dillon set up the Pats first TD with a nice 39 yard screen play. The Pats clearly came in tonight wanting to throw the ball around the lot.

The defense has more than held its own with the offense, as they’ve hectored Mark Brunell from pillar to post. Rosevelt Colvin is a madman – he’s in the backfield on every play. I also liked seeing Tully Banta-Cain hold the edge to make the tackle on a Washington sweep, only a few plays after being run completely out of a similar play.

Both units have absolutely kicked the asses of Joe Gibbs’s team. One, I feel I have to mention again, that was a playoff team last year.

Steven Gostkowski, in his first game after winning the job this week, has hit two easy field goals.

The starters will begin the third quarter before giving way to the reserves. Talk to you later.