by Scott Benson

I have to admit. I feel like I’ve seen almost none of this game because I stupidly arranged to have my fantasy football draft tonight.

So I have no idea what’s going on. At either place.

I noticed Tom Brady wasn’t dressed and that Matt Cassel was the quarterback. Hey, you’ll think this is funny – at once point, I’m staring at my computer watching my fantasy team go to hell, and I looked quickly at the TV screen, and it looked like Troy Brown was playing quarterback. Crazy, huh? I’m telling you, I’m no multitasker.

I saw an awful lot of starters on both sides of the ball for New England. I saw Cassel move the Patriots offense against what looked like the Giants first team defense. I saw Rosevelt Colvin continue his excellent pre-season with a blocked field goal.

I noticed the Giants second team offense push the Patriots around for a field goal and a long Brandon Jacobs TD run. I saw Cassel lead the Pats to the halftime tie off a Giants turnover, as the half grew sloppier.

I saw Patrick Cobbs, in a bid to make the team, cough up a fumble, and receiver Kelvin Kight nulify a long Cassel scramble with a holding call.

I noticed young Bam Childress having himself a night.

I saw Barry Gardner, another veteran special teams player, lost for a good long time with a gruesome leg injury.

I’ve seen enough to know I’ve seen too much. Let’s wrap this thing up, fellas. The draft, and the pre-season.