by Scott Benson

A couple of lingering ‘I wish’ thoughts as week two begins…..

I wish I’d made a bigger deal of the game Rosevelt Colvin had. He was everywhere, but mostly in the Buffalo backfield. For a minute, I remembered how we wondered about Colvin as he worked his way back from a devastating hip injury in his second game as a Pat. Would he ever do anything to live up to his marquee free agent status? He was always – understandably – a step slow and a dollar short. Not anymore. You know, we question who will fill the hole left by Willie McGinest, but the fact is, that hole may be filled quite nicely by Colvin, who understudied for the Pats great as he worked his way back.

Speaking of linebackers, I wish I’d noticed on the first replay that it was Tully Banta-Cain that set up Ty Warren’s safety sack of JP Losman that provided the winning margin for the Pats. TBC came free from the blind side and forced JP to take a step up and to the left of the collapsing pocket, where Warren was waiting. Score one for the new guy.

I wish I hadn’t listened to Cris Collingsworth on NBC’s new Sunday night highlight show, as he acted the typical mediot fool by railing against the Patriots ‘arrogance’ in dealing with Deion Branch. According to Collingsworth, the Pats “thought they could beat Buffalo easily without Branch, and it almost cost them the game.” He said all this wearing his angriest NFLPA face. I guess I missed the part of Bill Belichick’s mid-week PC where he admitted that contract stalemate is based on the Patriots feeling they didn’t need Branch to beat the Bills. This must mean he’ll be signed by lunch today. I don’t even think Collingsworth watched the frigging game. I don’t expect he’ll be the last to opine that yesterday’s struggles were because Troy Brown started in place of Branch. I’m sure Michael Felger, for one, will tell us that the pressure on Brady was because he had no one to throw to. I’m sure some idiot on a fan board will tell us that the other teams don’t respect the Pats receivers and as a result, will continue to bring the house on Brady. I’m sure some smarmy morning radio host will leer that Branch gained ‘leverage’ yesterday. I’m sure NONE of them will remember all the failed blitz pick ups and simple physical matchups that were lost by the offensive line that some have called the best of Belichick’s tenure. They damn near lost the game in the first thirty minutes yesterday. No fair blaming the receivers (and ‘arrogance’) until those boys have had their due.

Lastly, I wish I’d mentioned again, as I did at the close of pre-season, how infrequently the other team seems to throw at Ellis Hobbs. He kept Buffalo’s best receiver, the entertaining Lee Evans, on the outside looking in yesterday. In other words, he shut Evans down, from the corner. Ahem.