by Scott Benson

Well, the division-favorite, Super Bowl-bound Miami Dolphins have finally broken through this afternoon with a gritty, character-building win over the always tough Tennessee Titans, who have now lost 26 of their last 35 games. It’s no small accomplishment to rattle the usually unflappable Kerry Collins, especially when he’s playing on the road. Today, Miami proved that narrow win over Matt Cassel, Bam Childress and Matt Chatham last January was no mirage.

Crisp, clean game played by the Bengals and Steelers today. A total of 5 interceptions, 3 fumbles and 7 sacks (5 given up by the Bengals). I really thought the Pittsburgh defense was the most impressive unit on the field, yet you look up at the end and they’ve given up four touchdown passes. Huh? To me, Carson Palmer looked slow and indecisive. And doesn’t he feel those pass rushers about to clobber him? Ben Roethlisbeger wasn’t any better, throwing two horrible picks himself. So much for the Young Lions this week.

I like that Cincinnati secondary, though. They hit, and they have a nose for the ball. We’ll need to keep an eye on them.

It was good to see Jeff Triplette working the game. Because it means he’s not in New England.

The CBS post game show switched over the the Bills and the Jets just long enough for me to see an onside kick muffed by Matt Chatham, then recovered by Andre Davis.

Isn’t Deion Branch about to make his Seahawks debut?

Why can’t we get players like that?