by Scott Benson

The Patriots will try to rebound from last week’s disappointing loss to the Colts when they host the New York Jets this afternon in Foxboro. Let’s have a look at what the morning papers have to say for themselves:

Over at the Globe, Mike Reiss reminds us that the Patriots’ 57 game streak without back-to-back losses – which began after a December, 2002 loss to Chad Pennington and the Jets – is again at stake today. The Pats are only 3 games from tying the 1995-1999 San Fransisco 49’ers record-setting streak of 60. Reiss also has another solid notebook, where he finds James Sanders trying to work his way back on the field after a disasterous gaffe against Denver in Week Three. Mike also notes that special teamer Rashad Baker will make his Patriots debut after a full week of practice.

Jim McBride has the scouting report for today’s game.

Old Friend Ron Borges has his weekly Football Notes column, where he contemplates a possible return to the sidelines for Damon Huard, who has led the Chiefs to a 5-2 record in the absence of starter Trent Green. I can’t be sure about this, but Ron may be suggesting that the Chiefs stick with the hot hand here, as opposed to simply re-installing the starter once he’s healthy. You’ll remember that Ron took a similar position in 2001, to much acclaim. I can’t for the life of me understand why Ron felt it was necessary to mention that Damon is ‘upfront’ in the story’s first sentence. Is it me, or it that a ‘tell’? If Damon wasn’t ‘upfront’ with Ron, for example, would Football Notes give a shit about who Herm Edwards starts at quarterback?

Ron also mentions Charlie Weis’s new book, which puts him only one behind Belichick, according to Ron. That’s my cue to move on.

Amalie Benjamin has a story on Steven Gostkowski, and the best moments are had by bodyman Josh Miller, who’s been keeping an eye on the rookie.

The Herald has a full slate, led again by ham radio auteur Michael Felger. Felger’s first item is about – surprise! – Michael Felger. In his Quick Hits column, Felger basically admits that he goaded Corey Dillon into a locker room outburst last week, and takes a bow for it. Nice work, Woodstein.

Felger manages to make a good point in the same column about the Jets possibly going to five-wide sets today to challenge the Pats thin secondary. He also writes about the Pats’ imperiled streak, and it seems like Damon Huard might have been ‘upfront’ with Mike too. There’s also a bit about Christian Fauria being miscast in Washington.

Albert Breer is tired of waiting for Chad Jackson. After all, its been two months, dammit. Perhaps the Herald can break the hopeless logjam by writing this same story every goddam week, as it’s been doing.

I have absolutely no idea what it is that Steve Buckley’s trying to say.

Who invited Mike Vaccaro of the New York Post? It’s funny – Vaccaro’s column (which says there may be hard feelings between the Jets and Pats, but thanks to the Pats on-field dominance, there’s been no rivalry) sounds like something a pre-2004 Boston baseball writer might have written before the opening of a Sox-Yankees series.

By the way, Herald, you’re not fooling me with all those other headline links, each of which leads to a ‘story’ so short it could have been printed on a matchbook. Why not gather them all up under one link, entitled ‘Paragraphs We Have No Other Place For’?

That’s it for the Big Two this Sunday morning. For a look at the rest of the web, hit the BSMW Patriots News Mashup.

Thoughts for the day….Stanley Morgan is going to be on-field today for a ceremony honoring Troy Brown, which ought to scare the shit out of the Jets, who Morgan once owned. When you see him, let Stanley know we’ll never forget him….in the back of my mind, I’m a tad worried about the Jets return game, with Justin Miller (kickoffs) and Tim Dwight (punts)….at this writing, there’s been no injury updates, but naturally we’ll be looking for Daniel Graham (aren’t we always?), plus returns along the o-line (Neal, Hochstein)….as always, I recommend Reiss’s Pieces for the latest news today, and while you’re at it, bookmark the pithy NBC Sports blog observations of Mr. Tom E. Curran. In the interest of fairness, I should also mention the Herald’s Point After, but warning: they only update this thing if something really bad happens.

In all seriousness, though, I always enjoy the Point After’s weekly ‘Foxboro Faces’ feature. This week it’s Matt Light.

Speaking of Tom Curran, I noticed his blog entry from earlier in the week:

Speculation initially had Belichick peeved at Mangini for taking a job against Belichick’s advice. But there have since been whispers that Mangini was courting Patriots employees to go with him to New York while he was still on the Pats payroll.

Considering that there have been entire forests leveled so that the Boston scribes could speculate on their beloved Belichick-Mangini soap opera, why is this the first time I’m hearing this? Because it doesn’t fit the ‘Mean Bill’ storyline?

Again, nice work, Woodsteins.