By Scott Benson

It’s all part of God’s Plan, I suppose, that as soon as one football season ends, another one begins.

Thanks to the NFL Draft, there’s no need to linger in the hazy aftermath of a failed campaign; by the next morning, you can be looking forward, towards the next horizon, echoing visionaries like Robert Kennedy and Gary Tanguay as you plaintively ask, “why…….NOT?”

That’s what this annual Draft Season has come to represent for me, anyway, especially in the Internet Age. Your team just suffered – and I’m speaking hypothetically here – the worst collapse in AFC Championship Game history ? Don’t wallow in it, my friend. It’s time to move on. Let me tell you about this young linebacker from Mississippi. He’s going to be GREAT. If he falls to the Pats this April, LOOK OUT.

And so on. Cripes, even when the Patriots win, I’m all over the Draft by Tuesday. In every case, hope springs eternal. What’s wrong with that?

So we here at BSMW Patriots Game Day thought we’d try to chronicle the next nine weeks leading up to the draft, which will take place in New York over the weekend of April 28-29. We’ll focus on a few specific areas:

– The Usual Suspects: One of the most pointless yet most enjoyable traditions of the Christmas in April season is the The Parade of the Mock Drafts. We’ll track a handful of the better ones and look further into the players that are being picked for the Pats. Especially early in the process, there’ll be a top-heavy focus on just the two first round picks. But as the mocks expand, so will we.

– The Others: They may not be getting selected by the mocks, but as we know too well, that doesn’t mean the Patriots won’t pick ’em. We’ll try to learn more about other prospects that could be available when the Pats make their early selections.

– People Are Talking: We love to comb the websites for obscure reports of Patriots scouts doting on a particular player. It may not give us any insight as to who the Patriots will draft, but the positions of the players they’re talking to may. A preponderence of one or two positions may give us a heads-up come the last weekend in April. We’re going to gather up as many of these as we can find – especially this week, as the Combine begins – and pass along regular updates.

Our first offering can be found below. But look, don’t ask us what it is, or what it does, because to be honest, we don’t know. It might speak to the ‘Usual Suspects’ item above, but if you feel strongly otherwise, we’ll probably ditch that theory too. Anyway, it’s a compendium of a half-dozen of the better mock drafts, which we’ve mashed together to develop our own Two Round Draft Board. It’s based on a Secret Formula, just like Coke.

Not really. In short, the MDP is the Median Draft Position, or the midpoint of the combined mock selections. The next column indicates how many mock drafts in which the player has been selected. The next two numbers are the low and high mock selections. MFDP is not what you think, Fans of Shaft – ‘MF’ stands for ‘most frequent’, meaning the selection (if any) where the player is most commonly taken. The next column shows how often, and the team that currently owns that selection is noted next.

Lastly, the players in red are the ones the mocks now favor for the Pats, or as we’ll come to know them, the Usual Suspects. Leading the list this time are Purdue DE/LB Anthony Spencer and Cal CB Daymeion Hughes, the current mock favorites for the two first round picks.

A word about the mocks – we’ve started with six of the more accurate mockers (somebody actually kept track of that), namely Draft Countdown (DC), Rob’s Scouting (RS), Mel Kiper (MK), NFL Draft Scout (DSC), Draft Stock (DST) and The heights, weights and 40’s we got from We may expand this to include other top ten mocks later on. Anyway, we plan on updating this often and posting the most recent results here.

Final point – we invite any and all Pats Fans to e-mail us their draft thoughts and suggestions whenever the mood strikes. The hot stove isn’t any fun if you’re the only one sitting around it. Pull up a chair.

Here’s our first draft board.