Year:Senior Height:5’10 Weight:190 40 Time:4.65 Stats: NCAA

BSMW GAME DAY BOARD (as of 4/15/07) Round: 2nd/3rd Rank: 80 Median Draft Position: 639.0 (5 drafts) Lo: 34 Hi: 64 Most Frequest Mock Selection: 64 (Tampa – @ mocks)

BSMW SUMMARY (as of 3/30/07)

Nobody’s fallen harder on the ol’ BSMW Big Board than Hughes, who dropped from 27th on our first board to 80th as we speak. Straight away there were questions about Hughes throughout the profiles. He had a productive career at Cal, piling up tackles and interceptions over his junior and senior seasons. Quick, smooth, good instincts for the ball, proficient in zone coverage. But the profiles question whether he has the speed to run with receivers or the stature to press the line of scrimmage. The profiles say he gambles too much and can’t close fast enough to make up for those mistakes. The Patriots may disagree: Mike Reiss of the Globe reports that Hughes will visit Foxboro as one of 30 on-site visits that the team will be allowed. Hughes could be lingering in that second round area that I can’t help but feel the Patriots will somehow wind up in.

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