Year: Junior Height: 5’11 Weight: 204
40 Time: 4.54 Stats: NCAA

BSMW GAME DAY BOARD (as of 4/15/07) – Round: 1st Rank: 17 Median Draft Position: 16.5 (10 drafts) Lo: 13 Hi: 25 Most Frequent Mock Selection: 13 (St. Louis, 4 mocks)

BSMW SUMMARY (as of 4/15/07)

In the profiles below, early entry Revis comes off as a promising player, with good size, strength, athleticism and aggressiveness. He also earns high marks as a punt returner. The sense I get, though, is that he’s not the most disciplined player, and may be behind other corners in terms of on-field maturity and development. Off the field, sounds like a top kid, but even his biggest boosters acknowledge that unless he gains better command of his assignments, he may never reach his full potential. The mocks clearly see him as a top 20 pick. The Pats recently scheduled a Foxboro visit for the junior entry, and with corner being a possible target early in the draft, Revis could very well be in play for New England.


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