Here’s a group of first-round junior receivers who could – through some calamitous, indescribably cruel and vengeful act of God – end up in the mix for the Pats’ 24th and 28th picks of the first round.

Ted Ginn Jr., WR, Ohio State
Junior, 5’11, 178, 4.35
Ranked 18th overall on BSMW Mock Board (as of 3/21)

OSU officials are hoping that Ginn will become the first receiver in school history not to go completely bat shit crazy upon turning pro. Had a prolific college career in an elite program as both a returner and receiver. Sounds like a vertical threat more than a complete receiver who will also make plays in traffic. There’s no question he’s been a home run hitter, though, especially as a punt returner. Has a foot injury that’s keeping him on the shelf for the workout season and it seems to be driving his draft position through the floor. Why the Patriots should consider spending a first round pick on an injured specialist is beyond me.

NFL Draft Scout, John Murphy of Yahoo Sports, NFL Draft Countdown

Robert Meacham, WR, Tennessee
Junior, 6’2, 214, 4.39
Ranked 23rd overall on BSMW Mock Board (as of 3/21)

If you liked Donte Stallworth and Kelley Washington, you love Robert Meacham! Blowout season in 06 with 1300 yards and 11 TD’s. Sounds like the prototypical BIG RECEIVUH! Even I have to admit the package of size, speed, athleticism and productivity sounds great. Is there a more speculative position than receiver, though? We’re already backlogged on the ‘what ifs’ with Chad Jackson, Stallworth and Washington. Given the team’s needs, and given the direction of the off-season to date, it just seems like the wrong year to be talking about Meacham.

NFL Draft Scout, John Murphy of Yahoo Sports, NFL Draft Countdown

Dwayne Jarrett, WR, USC
Junior, 6’4, 219, 4.57
Ranked 26th overall on BSMW Mock Board (as of 3/21)

Jarrett sounds like an amalgam of Ginn and Meacham, really – the productivity in an elite setting, combined with the great size and ability to play all over the field and not just on the perimeter. Jarrett apparently doesn’t have the speed of the others, but it hasn’t kept him out of the end zone (all-time PAC 10 leader in TD’s). Sounds like he has a lot of ability, but OSU has nothing on USC when it comes to flake receivers. Jarrett’s already drawn unfavorable comparisons to Mike Williams in the attitude department. Sounds like a real charmer – a slacker with a big ego. And that, my friends, is the last time we shall speak of Jarrett this spring.

NFL Draft Scout, John Murphy of Yahoo Sports, NFL Draft Countdown