Year: Senior Height: 5’11 Weight: 197 40 Time: 4.44 Stats: NCAA

BSMW GAME DAY BOARD (as of 4/15/07) – Rank: 40th MDP: 39.2 (5 mocks) Lo: 26 Hi: 57 MFDP: 41 (Vikings, 2 mocks)

BSMW SUMMARY (as of 4/15/07)

The Patriots have spent a good bit of their time this spring looking at wide receivers, including this former Trojan, who has risen up draft boards into second round territory. The profiles say Smith is an experienced, productive route runner with polished technique and solid pass catching skills. Quick getting off the line and into his routes. Smooth in and out of breaks. Can adjust to and snatch bad throws, and has a nose for the first down marker. Smart, aware player. But he lacks the pure speed to be a vertical threat. Not elusive when running after catch. Not particularly big and may have durability issues as a result. The profiles say Smith is not seen as a true #1 receiver in the NFL but as more of a complimentary type. His intelligence and blue collar work ethic get high marks, but a 2005 fight with a teammate may raise a red flag for some. Perhaps that’s one of the things the Pats wanted to talk about when they scheduled Smith for a pre-draft visit in April. The Pats clearly want to address their receiver position in this draft, with so few vets signed to agreeable long-term deals. Despite good timed speed, Smith may not have the burst of the elite prospects, but in the words of one profiler, he’s game ready and able to contribute right away. If the Pats insist on throwing even more resources towards this position group, I’d prefer they get the surest thing possible. I’d rather have a Smith than some burner that may never put it together. Once again, the real trick for New England may be in getting some picks to be players in the second round, where some of the best values in this draft seem to reside.


NFL Draft Scout via nfl.com
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