Year: Senior Height: 6’3 Weight: 272 40 Time: 4.69 Stats: NCAA

BSMW GAME DAY BOARD (as of 4/15/07) – Rank: 43rd MDP: 41.0 (4 mocks) Range: 35-56 MFDP: N/A

BSMW SUMMARY (as of 4/15/07)

Crowder is described as a bull-rushing left end, a player that relies on lower body strength to collapse the pocket and anchor vs. the run. The profiles say he’s always around the ball. Seems to have a knack for putting his hands on it – he’s known for both knocking down passes and causing fumbles. Plays with good technique, discipline and shows some quickness. Crowder is said to be a smart kid and a hard worker off the field, and he’s nothing if not consistent – he started his last 47 games at Texas. Has good size and can get bigger. A starter as a pure freshman, and generally productive throughout his career. Had 10.5 sacks in 06. Like most everybody, he doesn’t have enough speed to suit the profilers. They’re concerned about his ability to burst in off the edge, and they also fret about his average athleticism. Has one pass rush move, apparently – run over/through them. There were concerns about his awareness in certain areas (like anticipating snap counts and the like), and a lot of complaints about spotty play against better competition. Still, in the end, the book on Crowder is a generally favorable one – everyone agrees he’s a solid player that is very likely to start and contribute in the NFL. The Patriots made Crowder one of their invites to Foxboro for a pre-draft visit. The mocks say he falls somewhere in that 35-65 slot that features so many players that seem to fit with the Pats. Whether the Patriots will stay put with picks 24 and 28, or trade back with one or both, remains the biggest question of the draft.


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