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BSMW Game Day Rumor Inventory, Final Edition

By Scott A Benson

Last month we shared a list we’d been keeping of the draft prospects the Pats have been interviewing and working out since the college all-star games in January. Today we offer our second and final version for this year.

The players are listed below, along with the first source of the rumor and the type of contact (see key below). As always, we acknowledge that when it comes to the draft, you take a rumor for what its worth.

But on the whole, the Patriots looked at more offensive players than defensive ones, a reversal of an early trend. But a closer look reveals that defense may still dominate the first day (secondary, linebackers, and ends, in that order), while offensive skill positions could rule the second day. Just a guess.

Here’s a key for the rumor chart:

AS – Interview at a college all-star game (Senior Bowl, Blue/Gray, etc.)
CB – Interview at the Combine
PD – Scouts attended a Pro Day for the player
WK – Scouts conducted a private workout
VIS – Player visits team
MDP – BSMW Mock Board Median Draft Position (as of 4/15)
MFDP – Most Frequent Selection
TEAM – Team with selection