It was a long and sort of anti-climactic day yesterday, at least for Pats fans, but today promises to be a more active one for draft followers. Some lingering thoughts this morning…

BSMW’s Own Greg Doyle summed it up best last night – the Patriots must have really hated this draft. They did everything but trade future picks with themselves. Which is fine – they shouldn’t take players just to take them, especially on the first day, and it’s hard to argue that the Patriots haven’t set themselves up to be major players in the next draft (five first day selections) by passing on this one. Yeah, there’s a letdown for those of us who hoped for more help this year, but a couple of sharp picks today may still yield someone who can make a difference this September.

Does anybody have more second day picks than the Pats? New England has two 4’s (110/127), a 5 (171), four 6’s (180/202/208/209) and two 7’s (211/247) today. Four – 171/208/209/247 – cannot be traded, as they are compensatory picks, but as for the rest…….whaddaya offerin’?

The Moss Talks continue. Or maybe they don’t. You can find a link to back up either theory. Unless the Raiders will take a second day pick this year, I don’t see why this deal has to happen today, anyway. If it needs to happen at all.

The question may come up why we might be willing to excuse Brandon Meriweather’s transgressions, but not Moss’s. Easy. Nobody’s saying that Meriweather laid down. Look, I don’t really care that Moss is kind of a weirdo, living behind drawn shades in a gated retirement community, or even that he tried to run down a meter maid once. I’m not his parole officer. What I do care about, though, the Patriots being left with their ass sewed to their face because they brought Moss in, integrated him into their team, and came to depend on him, only to have his pathalogical self-centeredness undermine the whole thing. It not like there isn’t any precedent.

Obviously, I was hoping for more defensive help yesterday, but the Patriots have now added Adalius Thomas, Tory James and Meriweather to last year’s defense. If they can reach detente with Asante Samuel, they’ll be better next year, perhaps even markedly so.

Well, we’ll start up again in about a half hour. It would be impossible to put up a proper list of best available players for the second day, but here’s a few names from the Rumor Inventory and Mock Masher:

QB Isaiah Stanback
RB Antonio Pittman
RB Michael Bush
TE Ben Patrick
TE Martrez Milner
TE Joe Newton
WR Aundrae Allison
WR Chris Davis
T Doug Free
G Josh Beekman

DE Brian Robison
DE Jay Moore
DT Kareen Brown
DT Zach West
OLB Tim Shaw
OLB Prescott Burgess
OLB Kid from Brown with name I’d rather not mention because he may be a good player but carries a lot of baggage – namely, obnoxious WEEI personality father.
ILB Brandon Siler
ILB Jon Abbate
ILB HB Blades
ILB Desmond Bishop
CB Tanard Jackson
CB Fred Bennett
CB Kenny Scott
CB Tarell Brown
CB AJ Davis
CB David Irons
CB Ryan Smith
S Josh Gattis
S John Wendling
S Michael Johnson
P Daniel Sepulveda

See you in awhile.