by Scott Benson

Look out….coming through… hot links!

Training camp can be kind of an up and down thing, evidently; an often frustrating and grueling two-steps-forward, one-step back experience seemingly designed to test the individual and collective will. Take yesterday, for example.

Randy Moss was having One of Those Days, the good kind, catching one pass after another over the Patriots defense, leaving both teammates and onlookers with vertical visions dancing in their heads.

Then suddenly, he was gone.

Moss left practice quickly after he suffered a tweak to his left hamstring. The injury is not thought to be serious; but Moss’s hamstring might as well be stuck in a well for all the media attention it’s about to get.

Hey, isn’t that what the bed and breakfast guy said? This guy doesn’t like to practice? How do we know Randy isn’t faking it here? I knew it! This is what the Patriots get for compromising their principles! Ron Borges tried to tell us, quite frankly!

Anyway, this morning Mike Reiss of the Globe has a good look at the receiving competition thus far. According to the outstanding Pats beat man, Wes Welker and Jabar Gaffney have joined Moss in pacing the field. Moss is exceeding expectations, it seems; we knew about his uncommon athleticism, but what we didn’t know is how he would blend with the team. Heath Evans’s comments yesterday (“To see Randy get here and dive into this team the way he has, its been special.”) indicate that Moss could not have gotten off to a better start.

Until he pulled up yesterday.

In other news, special teams ace Mel Mitchell got back on the field for the first time since going down for the season last August. On the other hand, neither Kyle Brady nor Garrett Mills has practiced in recent memory. Even with the loss of bellwether tight end Daniel Graham, this year’s group was expected to be strong. But with David Thomas’s broken foot and the absence of Brady and Mills, only Ben Watson and Matt Kranchick remain as the dog days begin in earnest.

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