by Scott Benson

In the grand tradition of rock instrumentalists the Ventures, the Patriots walked through another practice late yesterday after having most of the weekend off for good behavior. Scan this morning’s headlines over at

Most of the injured players took part in the light walkthrough again, and the news this morning is that free agent wide receiver Donte Stallworth will take the field today for his first full practice.

Stallworth doesn’t lack for confidence, apparently, as he has given himself but a couple of weeks to get fully up to speed with the Patriots offense. We’ll see about that – after all, he had to have someone else tell him he had been PUP’d at the start of camp. The Globe’s Christopher Gaspar has our feature of the day on the chatty Stallworth, who will allegedly jump to the head of the class with Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Jabar Gaffney when he returns.

In other news, veteran tight end Kyle Brady showed up, expressed sympathy for the camp’s lone tight ends, and just as quickly disappeared into the abyss that is ‘day-to’day’.

Elsewhere, we’re having some camp monotony creep, as new additions Adalius Thomas and Sammy Morris looked forward to hitting someone besides each other. That day will come as soon as Friday, as the Pats kick off the 2007 pre-season in Tampa.

Funny – not too much said or written about Asante Samuel these last few days.

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