by Scott Benson

The Patriots practiced for the first time at Gillette Stadium yesterday, and Bill Belichick took the opportunity to run his team through its situational paces. Look, a real scoreboard and everything! Mike Reiss has our feature of the day on the practice, and the slightly surprising news from Kelley Washington that the Cincinnati Bengals don’t practice things like ‘ball at the 50, 10 seconds left, one timeout’. Really? They seem so disciplined.

I’m thinking I need to practice some situations myself, what with the first pre-season game this Friday and everything. Okay, ‘Sunday Links’ deadline approaching, no coffee, and just one cigarette. Laptop battery fading. Go!

Anyway, get the rest of this morning’s headlines at

Worried that jet-setting quarterback Tom Brady, impregnator of actresses and escorter of supermodels, might be losing his edge? Don’t be. An enthusiastic Brady told reporters yesterday that he plans to play to his late 30’s (this, in the midst of training camp), which ought to remind us he still has a slightly better work ethic than, say, Michael Strahan, for instance.

Elsewhere, Donte Stallworth took the practice field as expected, but other than that, the Patriots injury picture remains the same. Laurence Maroney stayed in his red jersey and Randy Moss stayed on the sideline. Backup lineman Billy Yates, who started three games last season before breaking his leg, was forced from action with an undisclosed injury.

Care to guess his status? That’s right – day to day. Aren’t we all?

Don’t be a stupid Bengal. Practice your regular season situations here.