By Dan Snapp

Here’s a nice surprise: the Patriots suddenly have a wealth of options at safety.

The return to health of Super Bowl tandem Rodney Harrison and Eugene Wilson has been the feel-good story of camp, but Bill Belichick said yesterday he’s just as comfortable with third-year pro James Sanders in there:

“Really, I think we’re at the point now where whichever two of those three are in there together, all of the communication is pretty good.”

Mike Reiss has more about Sanders in our Feature of the Day, describing his insatiable drive to improve, and his comfort soliciting pointers from anybody, including the star quarterback.

Laurence Maroney Redshirtless Vigil, Day Two, was the news of the day. Maroney chatted it up with the press, expressing his desire to get back out on the field. Both Dan Shaughnessy and Steve Buckley use the opportunity of a player talking to them to complain about when players don’t talk to them.

It’s Pronounced Leh-KEE-vin
With Le Kevin Smith looking more like a productive cog in the defensive lineman rotation, here’s a helpful mnemonic device to help in pronouncing his name: whenever you say his name, always say “look even” first. As in, “Look, even Le Kevin got a sack today! Good for him!” Once we get that squared away, maybe we can get announcers to remember the silent “K” in Gostkowski.

For all the people who saw the Pats extend Ty Warren and thought, “Why couldn’t they just do that with Deion Branch?” Reiss makes a key discovery: The extension was in addition to his remaining two years, not replacing them. So Warren is locked in for the next seven years. The Patriots tried to do the exact same thing with Branch, but Branch wanted to tear up the last year of his rookie deal.

Look, even Le Kevin knows the best place for one-stop Pats shopping is See? You’ll never mispronounce it again.

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