by Scott Benson

I haven’t been this excited about a pregnancy since Murphy Brown went off the air. Can Dan Quayle be far behind? This one’s right up his alley.

The big day finally arrived for Tom Brady yesterday, as actress and former galpal Bridget Moynahan ended her strangehold on the AFC East divisional race by delivering the quarterback’s first child, a boy, in a California hospital.

Moynahan, who is clearly a Jets fan, had hoped to remain pregnant long enough to cause Brady to miss the season opener in New York on September 9th, which would have likely sent New England’s divisional hopes off the rails for good. At least that’s what I’ve been reading in the papers. Another Pats-tweaking scheme by the devious Eric Mangini? Was Teddy Atlas involved? Probably. Talk about tampering.

Anyway, congratulations to Tom, Bridget and son. Hey – what if Mangini tries to set up a baby shower in Santa Monica early next month? Don’t put it past him – he’s always thinking! Will coach Bill Belichick allow Brady to miss the game to be there when the gifts are opened? Isn’t it Tom’s call, really?

Alert Steve Buckley! This thing isn’t over, it’s just beginning!

In other news, the Pats sent punter Tom Malone packing yesterday, which means Danny (My Name Is Erle) Baugher has won the Patriots punting job. Ty (Long-Term) Warren came back to practice after hurting his elbow against Tampa. Albert Breer of the Herald has our Feature of the Day on the always entertaining (and seemingly overlooked so far) Mike Vrabel. For the rest of the morning’s headlines, check

Does the Patriots Pro Shop have little silver-somethings?

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