logo827by Scott Benson

The glow is still on the Pats complete-game win over the Panthers on Friday night, so let’s open up the Sunday papers to see if the local scribes share our optimism.

And right on cue comes Shalise Manza Young of the ProJo, who is just busting over the Friday play of Tom Brady and the Patriots offense. Hey Shalise, did you just predict a Super Bowl win on August 26th? I like your spunk. Manza Young continues an upbeat morning by welcoming back Laurence Maroney. What the hell are ‘jitterbugs’, by the way? Any affliction with the word ‘bugs’ in it has to raise your eyebrows, even if you don’t have any eyebrows. Perhaps he has a FAQ on his MySpace page.

The ProJo finishes up its morning coverage with an uncredited (at least on-line) story about a group of Carmelite nuns who include the Pats in the daily prayers. Somebody Up There Likes The Patriots. If you think I’m snarking this piece, you’re nuts. Too risky. 

Over at the Herald, John Tomase demands that the Pats start the season now, after Friday night’s balanced performance. John, frankly, Shalise went as far as to predict a win in a game that won’t be played for five months, and the best you can come up with is “start the season”? Come on, Tomase, get on the bandwagon!

Foot dragger Tomase then follows with the day’s notes, including a vote of confidence from Bill Belichick to Stephen Gostkowski, and more comments from the coach as to his 4th and 1 challenge to his offense on Friday night. 

Speaking of the Herald, I’m kind of surprised there’s no Mike Felger column on Randy Moss this morning. After all, Felger’s been on every television and radio show in New England with his big ‘scoop’ on Moss (I think I saw him on ‘Daily Devotions’ this morning, calling Moss a ‘dog’), and he can’t file a column with his own paper? I thought he might want to, you know, get his big ‘scoop’ down on paper, because I’m sure he’s proven there’s no chance that Moss’s absence is simply a precaution by the Pats to ensure the receiver is ready to start the season. He has to have proven, with diligent digging backed up with attributed quotes, that Moss is holding back against the organization’s will. Otherwise, why would Felger, a highly trained investigative journalist, be shouting from the rooftops on this one? I mean, what reason would he have?   

At the Globe, Mike Reiss has Ellis Hobbs and the Pats secondary awaiting the return of Asante Samuel while boosting rookie Mike Richardson, who turned an impressive camp performance into some first team snaps on Friday night. Reiss has more Belichick on Gostkowski in his Pats notebook, and he chats with some guy named Bill Parcells in his weekly Football Notes. What does a toll collector know about running a NFL pre-season? 

Finally, David Heuschkel of the Courant has a solid piece on the Pats improved run defense against the Panthers. For other news, try patriotslinks.com.

Are you ready to pay the toll?