by Scott Benson

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen – citing ‘league sources’ – reports tonight that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has decided that the Patriots violated league rules on Sunday by stationing a cameraman to videotape the defensive signals of the New York Jets.

The league has not issued a statement on the controversy, which arose in the wake of the Jets embarrassing loss in the season’s opening game.

Mortensen’s sources – who chose to remain anonymous – claim that the Patriots will have until Friday to respond to the charges. Goodell, according to Mortensen’s sources, could impose “severe sanctions” that may include “multiple draft picks”.

The sources go on to allege that the Patriots are also being investigated due to questions – presumably raised by the Jets – about audio communications equipment used by the Patriots during their one-sided victory over New York, which had been touted as the Patriots’ immediate successor as divisional champions.

Mortensen’s report does not indicate whether the league’s Competition Committee – which includes Colts President Bill Polian – has conferenced on the matter, or made a recommendation to the Commissioner. No committee member has commented for the record on the Patriots controversy.

Patriots Daily will continue to monitor this developing story.  Full commentary will follow in Friday’s Patriots Roundtable.