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It’s not posted on their site yet, but Patriots Daily’s Bruce Allen did an interview with Cris Collinsworth for a new segment debuting this week on The idea is going to be for Collinsworth to talk to bloggers each week from cities involved in the Sunday night NBC games.

The camera incident was of course a big part of the discussion. Also talked about was Tom Brady’s legacy in comparison to Joe Montana’s, whether Norv Turner can take the Chargers further along than Marty Schottenheimer was able to, and which fan base gives Collinsworth the most grief.

We’ll be sure to pass along the link when it goes live.

We also have our first Patriots Buffet Table column posted, which we’re planning on doing for each home game this season. Our resident food and beer expert has put together a San Diego-themed menu for home use or tailgating and recommended a number of beers to try out with it.