by Scott Benson

Our pal Bill Barnwell is tackling a cross-country move this week, so here’s a few morning notes to tide you over until his return to PD.

The Patriots have begun to prepare in earnest for the Cincinnati Bengals, and Laurence Maroney, the Patriots defense and former Bengal Kelley Washington are all in the spotlight this morning.

In our feature of the day, Mike Reiss visits with Tom Martinez, Tom Brady’s “throwing motion” guy. This is what happens when you get as big as Tom Brady. You get an entourage, with people to take care of things for you, like wash your car or take care of your dry cleaning and things. If you get big enough, you get a “throwing motion” guy.

“Hey, how’s my throwing motion look?”

“Great, Tom, great. Oh, shit, dude, we’re late for your mud wrap.”

Anyway, Tom (the quarterback guy, not the motion guy) says this is the best he’s been fundamentally, which Martinez attributes to improved mechanics, but not without throwing Doug Gabriel and Reche Caldwell and them under the bus a final time too. The popular theory is that better receivers makes for better throws (like on Randy Moss’s stunning one handed 45 yard grab on Sunday), but look, this week’s AFC Offensive Player of the Week bounced a few in front of open receivers last year too.

But I digress.

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