logoby Scott Benson

The NFL season is at the quarter mark now, so it’s not too early for a little division and conference scoreboard watching. Let’s see what happened yesterday….

Bills 17, Jets 14 – After the game, Jets fans agreed that they’d be better off suing their own coach.

Raiders 35, Dolphins 17 – Daunte Culpepper says its not personal with the Dolphins. That’s why every time his team got inside the 10 yard line yesterday, he ran the ball himself. Then pointed to his knee after scoring three touchdowns. But it’s not personal.

Cardinals 21, Steelers 14 – Usually where there’s smoke, there’s fire, Mike Tomlin.

Browns 27, Ravens 13 – I’m confused now. Which one of these two teams sucks? Congratulations to Ravens quarterback Steve McNair, though: he extended his “most consecutive games played while nursing a nagging groin injury” streak to 160 games.

Chiefs 30, Chargers 16 – How’s it going to end for the reeling Chargers? A standoff with the ATF? Their season has a whole Branch Davidians vibe going for it all of a sudden.

Colts 38, Broncos 20 – I know that the Colts got nicked up pretty good yesterday, but as long as Peyton Manning is drawing a breath, they are going to be hell to beat in that building. They score when they feel like it. Their defense gave up 200 yards rushing, but who wants to see the Patriots trying to win a shootout with the Colts by running the ball?

Seahawks 23, Forty Niners 3 – The Niners dropped their second straight after scaring the hell out of everybody by starting out 2-0. Now they’ve lost their starting quarterback. The Make Up Pick looks a little better this week.

Tonight the Patriots will try to keep pace with the Colts and avoid the hazards that bumped the Steelers from the ranks of the unbeaten when they face another AFC (quasi) contender in the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football. Let’s see what the papers have to say for themselves this morning.

In their Patriots notebook, Mike Reiss and Christopher Gasper of the Globe say that starting right guard Stephen Neal will be on the sidelines again tonight. Gasper has the Pats contemplating the challenges of facing Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer. In his scouting report, Jim McBride likes the Pats by three scores.

In the Herald, Karen Guregian has the Pats stewing over their balky red zone defense. In her notebook, Guregian talks with rookie Brandon Meriweather about his first Monday Night Football appearance, and Jeff Horrigan looks at the surprising Sammy Morris.

Shalise Manza Young of the ProJo says the Bengals would like to be the Pats when (if) they grow up. In the Courant, David Heuschkel says the Pats know they’re in for a shootout tonight.

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