by Scott Benson

Aw, shit.

I don’t know that losing David Thomas at this point and time qualifies as a major blow, but even so, its a big disappointment. Thomas showed at the end of the 06 regular season what kind of player he can be, running the gamut from spectacular touchdown catches to anonymous but effective run blocking. Now he’s lost a year to a training injury, and the thought of Thomas running with Moss, Welker, Watson and Stallworth may never come to fruition.

Ben Watson is having the best season of his career. He’s not immune to injury either, but he’s taken such a step as both a blocker and receiver that anything, even a full season, seems possible. Kyle Brady has settled in as the second tight end/third tackle, and he’s been on the field for 70% of the team’s offensive snaps over the last three games. 

I don’t know about you, but I kind of like Marcellus Rivers, the third tight end who was resigned today. We know he’s a competent blocker, and I thought he showed a little something as a receiver during the pre-season. As third tight ends go, it seems like you could do worse.

Barring further injury, the Pats should absorb the loss of Thomas, though I wouldn’t hold my breath on the further injury thing. Until then (God forbid), the loss of Thomas is felt most keenly from the perspective of what might have been. Another playmaker on the field would have only driven the Patriots’ opponents further to distraction.