news.jpgThought we’d recap a pretty busy week here at Patriots Daily, just in case you missed anything.

* On Monday, Scott looked back at the Patriots thumping of the chatterbox Wade Phillips and the Dallas Cowboys in Game Day Rear View

* Tuesday we went Inside Gillette with Christopher Price, who examined the first six games of this season for Tom Brady and compared it to the other top six game stretches of Brady’s career. In addition to his five things to watch this week, Chris also has a great quote of the week from Rosevelt Colvin.

In addition, Chris’s book, The Blueprint: How the New England Patriots Beat the System to Create the Last Great NFL Superpower was released this week, and Chris will be doing a book signing tomorrow (Saturday the 20th) at the Borders- Wayside Commons in Burlington at 2:00pm. It’d be great if you could come down and give Chris some support!

* Wednesday‘s edition of Direct Snapp examined Randy Moss’ transformation into the ultimate Patriot, and how even Terrell Owens’ baiting this past week couldn’t derail Moss’ team-first spirit.

* Bill Barnwell stirred up Dolphins fans with his look at The Pedigree of Ted Ginn Jr. on Thursday, which examined Ginn’s combine numbers as compared to other receivers that have come into the NFL in the last few years. A Barnwell work from last December; Chris Chambers, The Worst WR In Football also got a lot of attention this week as Chambers was traded to the Chargers, and San Diego fans didn’t like what they read about their newest wideout.

* Finally this morning, we had our weekly Patriots Roundtable, where we looked at this weekend’s matchup with the Dolphins, as well as some talk about whether the lunacy that is the national media attention has any chance of derailing the Patriots march through the schedule.

Check back this weekend, for College Scout by Greg Doyle and The Sunday Links from Scott Benson.