Here is a sampling of media reaction following yesterday’s 49-28 victory over the Miami Dolphins:

FOX NFL SUNDAY analyst Howie Long on the New England Patriots’ outstanding start: “I think the only person that can stop New England’s offense is the guy whose game plan stopped the ‘Greatest Show on Turf’ in Super Bowl XXXVI and also the guy whose game plan sits in Canton, Ohio for stopping the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXV. That would be Bill Belichick. And I don’t think that’s happening. If this team goes on and wins another championship this year, I think you have to mention Belichick and Tom Brady in the conversation for best ever at what they do.”

Analyst Jimmy Johnson added: “Bill Belichick and myself, we’ve had this discussion about how good they are and I think they are by far, the best team in the NFL since the salary-cap and free agency. But one reason you can’t compare it before that is because teams used to stockpile talent. So you can’t compare the two. The reason they are the best is because Bill Belichick is an outstanding coach. He coaches new players, young players, rookies, free agents and then on top of that, he coaches his coaches. He lost Charlie Weis, he lost Romeo Crennel, Eric Mangini. What does he do? He grooms young coaches to take their place.”

Co-host Terry Bradshaw: “In Tom Brady he’s got the best quarterback, the coolest guy under center, and a guy who sees the field and now has weapons. I’ve never seen anything quite like this. The game, the way that he plays on the road, at home, the bigger the game, the better he is and the cooler he is. But, it takes great players to have a great team and I think Belichick would be the first to tell you that.”

Boomer Esiason on CBS’ The NFL Today: This is the best team that Bill Belichick has ever had. Look at their remaining schedule. They’re going 16-0. I don’t care what you say. There isn’t a team… I’m telling you, I know that Indianapolis has got a really good team. No worries about that. They are the second best team in football. This team, the New England Patriots, from the quarterback to the coach, and let’s not forget one little thing that took place in Week One – it’s called “SpyGate.” Everybody was talking about that smudge or the taint of their Super Bowl. You don’t think this is fueling the fire and inspiring this football team? It is. And I’m telling you, it will not surprise me to see them go 16-0, assuming that their last game of the season means something against the Giants.

NFL Network GameDay Quotes:

“This team reminds me of the 1994 San Francisco 49ers. We had the number one offense, [a top] defense and in the off-season we loaded up [with new players]. We built up to overtake the Dallas Cowboys just like this team built up [to overtake the Colts].”

Deion Sanders comparing the 2007 Patriots to his San Francisco 49ers team which won Super Bowl XXIX

“If they don’t have something…it’s a veteran backup quarterback. Maybe Brady plays every game, but this would have been an opportunity for [Matt] Cassel or somebody. They don’t have a Kurt Warner or a Kerry Collins. This would have been an opportunity to give that guy reps in case they ever need him.”

Steve Mariucci on Patriots

Here’s a photoshow from yesterday’s game, put together by the Boston Herald:

Here are two ESPN recaps of the game:

Peter King’s Monday Monrning Quarterback contains all the usual material.

Michael Silver is On the run.

Tom Curran says that the Patriots won’t get caught looking ahead.

Len Pasquarelli says there is a perfect storm brewing for the Patriots.

Steve Silverman says that the presence of the Colts will not allow the Patriots to let down.

Terry Bradshaw thinks the Patriots can go undefeated.

Jarrett Bell has the Patriots headed for new heights.

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