by Scott Benson

Bill Barnwell’s Football Outsiders column will be along later today, but while we’re waiting, let’s spend a minute with the Herald’s Karen Guregian, who filled up her notebook yesterday with some quotes from a couple of newsworthy Patriots.

First, Guregian asks Tom Brady to explain exactly what’s wrong with ESPN’s Gregg Easterbrook:

“Usually, when it comes back the other way, you have to think there’s something behind it, or some motivation from somebody, but I think ultimately in life, you can only control what you can control. You can’t really control what people say or think. You just have to go about your business and work hard and say whatever your goals are, and (stick to) whatever priorities this team has for what we feel is most important to us. That’s how we make our decisions.”

Some motivation from somebody? I wonder what the motivation of the man my friend Ozzy calls “Lord Easterbrook of the Cliveden Set” might be? Hmmmm.

“We represent our ownership. We represent Mr. (Robert) Kraft and Jonathan and everything they put forth,” Brady said. “We’re not perfect people. We never claimed that. We never say that. We just say we like playing. We try to listen to our coach. We try to do the right thing, and at the end of the day, you’re judged by wins and losses.”

Honestly, I’m not trying to tie those last two paragraphs together. I’m really not.

“I think when they talk about a Patriot-type player, or a Patriot-type attitude, it’s someone who’s selfless, it’s someone who does their job, who’s attentive, who works hard,” Brady said. “It’s someone who’s on time, who’s dependable, who loves playing football. I think that’s what (being a Patriot) stands for, for us.”

Yeah, all right, Cheney. Just wipe that smirk off your face.

Elsewhere, KG caught up with Adalius Thomas, who has done the unthinkable and insulted Ray Lewis.

“The only problem I have is the coward comment. To call me a coward, you have my phone number. You can call me. I will call Ray, personally myself. I don’t want to sit here and throw (things) back and forth, and make this a media frenzy. I’m bigger than that. I’m better than that,” he added. “As far as calling me a coward I think that goes to something personal. I don’t like it. I will address that with him personally myself. To attack my integrity . . . and say you had to make a scheme up for me, I didn’t know they made up outside linebacker for me.

“Ray Lewis means nothing to me, as far as his comments or anything else that he says. I love him like a brother,” Thomas said. “Other than that, as far as me being a coward, I felt like that was a personal shot. That’s the only problem I have with it.”

When Sports Illustrated came calling, Adalius probably would have been better off saying, “Ravens? Oh, yeah, Stevie Bisciotti’s outfit down in Baltimore. Great, great guy, Stevie. Founded the Allegis Group.”

But, he didn’t. Still, unless you’re hanging around Buckhead, feuding with Ray Lewis isn’t exactly newsworthy. Lewis throws fits like Brett Favre throws interceptions. I’m just surprised he had time to fit AD in.

Lastly, Karen checks in with Redskins coach Joe Gibbs, on the new guy wearing #93 at Pats practice yesterday.

Asked during his teleconference for his thoughts on the prospect of having to face a Pats defense with Seymour in it, Gibbs said: “I don’t like it, I can tell you that. I’ve got great respect for him. I think their whole defense, they have a great scheme, great personnel. They do a great job. Coach Belichick has always been gifted when it comes to defense. Look across the board, you hate to see them get somebody back, and some high quality guy to add to it. Not a pretty picture.”

Joe, really, you need to get out and smell the roses. Your fatalistic world view is depressing everybody this week. “They’re gonna KILL us!” Yeah, they probably are, Joe, but you don’t have to be such a Gloomy Gus about it.

Check back later for Bill.