news.jpgWhat a week!

Here’s a recap of some of the things we talked about this week on Patriots Daily.

On Sunday night some little baseball game totally threw a wrench in our Monday morning plans, as orders came down from the mothership to abandon the usual Patriots game recap in favor of links to all the stories on the Patriots 52-7 spanking of the Redskins. Then there were more links, comments and videos from the game in the afternoon that day. I tell you, that mothership is a cruel mistress…

Seriously…the next time that Mike Vrabel comes into the game on offense and is allowed to get wide open in the end zone for a touchdown, the opposing defense should immediately forfeit any rights to claim that the Patriots embarrassed them. They embarrassed themselves. The ever-smooth Christopher Price notes in his must-read Inside Gillette that even though they might all look the same, each and every Vrabel touchdown catch has its own wrinkle. He also has five things to watch in this weekend’s matchup with the Colts. By the way, have you bought Chris’ book yet? What are you waiting for?

On Wednesday, Dan Snapp in Direct Snapp looked at the unwritten rules about running up the score on opponents. Or he tried to. It’s funny, since the unwritten rules aren’t written, it’s hard to look them and see which ones the Patriots are actually breaking. Perhaps a “Mercy Rule” should be added to the list.

Thursday morning we lamented the absence of any real football talk the week of this amazing football game that we’re going to see on Sunday. Instead we’re subjected to “scandals” and “cheating” and “poor sportsmanship” while “running up the score.” Nothing about the actually game. While that little bit did spark some nice discussion, it was merely an appetizer to Bill Barnwell’s tasty entree on how the Colts built their defense. As with several Barnwell columns, this one was linked to from around the internet, on boards operated by Colts fans, Bills fans, and through

Finally today, we had our Roundtable discussion leading up into Sunday afternoon’s matchup with the Colts. Topics included charges that the Patriots are running up the score, whether the Patriots offense can outgun the Colts, and what the Patriots defense needs to do against Peyton Manning, Dallas Clark, and company.

This weekend, we’ll be back with college scout by Greg Doyle, as well as our usual Sunday game day programming, which includes a look through the morning papers. Thanks for stopping by, and as always, we’re open to your suggestions as to things you’d like to see and how we can do a better job here. Drop us a line and let us know.