by Scott Benson

What in God’s name is this lunacy about the Colts showing everyone yesterday that the Pats can be beaten? It’s all I’m hearing this afternoon.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the world champs BLOW A TEN POINT LEAD AT HOME IN THE FINAL NINE MINUTES AND LOSE?

Just how is that helpful to anyone?

Meanwhile, I thought this little tidbit from John Tomase this afternoon was quite charming:

WILD BILL: There may not be a more enjoyable experience than sitting in front of Colts general manager Bill Polian during a game. Pats fans love to hate him because of his long-standing feud with Pay-TREE-oughts head coach Bill Belichick, but they’d love his feistiness if he were running the Pats. Polian is a non-stop series of expletives, pounded fists (on tabletops, not people), and groans during a game, and he’s into every last stinking play. He was particularly pumped when Joseph Addai scored a 73-yard touchdown just before halftime. It has to be experienced to be truly appreciated.

A nasty, vengeful drunk (and chronic Super Bowl loser) spilling Chivas and expletives all day is an “enjoyable experience”, but Bill Belichick is ‘evil’. For crissakes.