by Scott Benson

Today, I’m glad I have a “real” job. That usually only happens on payday.

But if I didn’t have a “real” job, I would have assuredly spent all day here at my laptop blogging about a restraining order. My only regret is that my late mother didn’t live long enough to see me achieve this level of success.

As you surely know by now, a Florida woman has petitioned for what is in essense a restraining order against Patriots WR Randy Moss. Moss acknowledges a long-term friendship with the woman and speaks vaguely about an “accident” that he may or may not have been responsible for. Get the story from its original source, and Moss reaction here and here. Or you can get it all from the guy who once again lapped the field with his priceless blog.

As you can imagine, the Internets were indeed players in another instant American controversy. The radio station first broke the news on its website, Mike Florio first gave the story national wings, and sure enough, by midday, Smoking Gun had the docs.   

About the same time, I realized that I haven’t been following a football team this year, I’ve been following a presidential campaign. First there was Watergate, and now….Bimbo Eruption!

Not to minimize what may have happened. Something surely did – but the devil is in the details, I suppose. Safe to say, though – If Moss hurt this woman in an act of violence, he’ll rightfully lose everything he gained in the last eight and a half months. Which is one hell of a lot, in terms of wealth, success, fame and so on.

As assuredly as we expect the worst of our athlete-celebrities, these days we hold the balance of the world to no higher standard. It’s not like celebrity extortion is an innovative concept. Even for a “friend”.

But who knows? Not us. Not yet, anyway. All we have for now is another TMZ meets ESPN meets WEEI craptacular. The beast has been fed.