by Scott Benson

Tuesday thoughts left hanging like loose threads on an old ‘Super Bowl Champions’ t-shirt:

*Our Own Chris Price – there on the Metro’s dime, we hope – is as we speak getting acclimated to the Arizona environs (it’s a dry heat, Chris), so stay tuned for the latest Inside Gillette later this week.

*The Giants have landed somewhere in the desert (Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Tempe, take your pick), and according to the Cold Hard Football Facts, trouble awaits. As a Pats fan, you’d like to stick this in your hip pocket and call it a week, but as long as the possibility of an upset exists, even slightly, you can’t. And by ‘you’, I mean ‘me’.

*I’m watching the local news and they have film on the Patriots Monday practice, and to paraphrase Robert Deniro in those SNL Joe Pesci skits, I gotta say I saw a limp. There was definitely a limp there. I’m a little surprised, actually. I didn’t expect to see anything, I guess? I’m glad it’s Tuesday. I worry about a hit during the game, which is probably not necessary. On Tuesday.

*Though it does mean the rest of the Pats can possibly fly under the radar if they so choose. Though it seems that everyone’s getting their own press conference (12 in two days). Let me know when they get to Ray Ventrone, will you? 

*It can be easy to sometimes forget that there’s an actual game at the end of all this. Think of all you’ve read, heard and seen over the past week. Now think how much more is left before kickoff. Yeesh. Word came yesterday that the league has issued a record number of credentials for the game.

*Rodney Harrison says the Patriots defense could not have played any worse when New England beat the Giants in late December, and he guarantees they’ll play better this time. I think it will be a long wait before a Giant defender says the same thing about his team, considering the three-point loss seems to be their signature game of the season.

*The New York Post continued its descent into full-on madness on Monday with this charming warning to the citizens of the Greater Phoenix Region. Check out the graphic. I’m amazed that they didn’t put Bill Belichick in there. Really, the Post is having a dream season of its own. Every day a new low.

*God love the guy that asked Belichick about Tom Petty the other night. I’m big on Petty and the Heartbreakers, so it’s a kick to see them play any Super Bowl, much less one involving the Patriots. The coach’s seal of approval (“Free Fallin!”) was an early highlight.