by Scott Benson

Here at PD, we’re intent on moving beyond the high-tech lynching of Pats coach Bill Belichick because, frankly, we’d just as soon get back to the simple life of following our favorite football team without the disapproving finger being wagged at us from every hysterical, profit-driven, bottom-feeding direction.

We’re football fans, not Al Qaeda recruits. He’s a football coach, not Osama Bin Laden. Spare me the Homeland Security¬†Advisory.

Still, I can’t help but be fascinated by the subtle nuances of the dogged reportage on this matter of grave national security. This, from someone named Pat Bigold at the Globe this morning:

Goodell keeps an open mind
By Pat Bigold
Globe Correspondent / February 7, 2008

HONOLULU – NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said yesterday he “reserves the right” to reopen an investigation into charges the Patriots videotaped opponents’ signals if credible new information is presented to his office.

Goodell spoke briefly prior to the AFC Pro Bowl squad’s practice at Kapolei High School.

“From Day 1 I have said that if I find new information inconsistent with what we’ve been told, then I reserve the right to reopen that,” he said. “If there’s new material or information that’s credible, then we’ll look into it.”

But Goodell made it clear he has not received anything new that would lead him to believe there is substance to any new reports about Patriots spying.

I just thought it was ‘unusual’ that the lead was “Commish reserves right to reopen investigation…..IF” instead of “nothing new of substance”.

The good news is that both Mike Reiss and John Tomase have posted new articles this morning that both look forward to what will be an interesting team-building off-season for the Patriots.

You know, actual football stories. Is that the sun I see?