by Scott Benson

I’m pretty sure that’s not the first Fleetwood Mac reference I’ve used here. Oh, well.

That’s another one, but more obscure.

Anyway, I actually went in to work for a couple of hours today, and apparently the rumors have been flying while I’ve been away.

First, if I follow the message boards correctly, the Patriots are trading up, trading down, and standing pat. They’re talking to the Rams about Chris Long, to the Chiefs about Vernon Gholston, to the Saints about Sedrick Ellis, to themselves about nothing in particular. Around them, their opponents jockey as well, positioning to do something hateful and vindictive to their division rivals, or others they despise for less quantifiable reasons.

This is football, as they say on the commercials. I’m going to turn on the TV right now.

One thing, though – if the Patriots end the day with only two picks after all this chatter, wouldn’t it seem like a letdown? We’ll find out, I guess. One hour left.