by Scott Benson

I’m vacation traveling today, but before I head out, I wanted to mention a Sunday morning blog entry from former Herald sportswriter Michael Gee.

These days, I find myself checking his Homegame blog more often than I ever did his Herald writings. Whether that says more about me, or Gee’s time with the Herald, I don’t care. Point is, he’s doing good work with the blog and it deserves a larger audience.

Exhibit 1 is this clear-eyed tone-setter that seems in part to be in response to the ‘Super Bowl Hangover?’ storyline that has reared its head in the early days of camp. As Gee says, that question would be better asked next January than today.

My recommendation is that you bookmark Homegame and pop by at your leisure to see what Gee has cooking, whether your interest lies in the Pats, Sox, Celts or whatever. With this blog, Gee’s putting out far better stuff than the tiresome, hackneyed columnists working the traditional beat these days.

Final note: if you haven’t yet read Chris Warner’s A Letter From Camp, a recount of his pilgrimage to Foxborough last Friday, please do. See if it doesn’t inspire you to make the trip yourself.