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It was nothing but good news for the Patriots yesterday, from Canton, Ohio to the Dana Farber Field House, so let’s take an admittedly belated (I sleep well on rainy mornings) swing through the Sunday Links.

The theme of Andre Tippett’s Hall of Fame Induction speech was “thank you”, which seems like the right approach given how many people truly contribute to a Hall of Fame career. I thought it was a strong, clear address and I’ll tell you, when he said, “I am so proud to have been a Patriot for 26 years. I hope to be a Patriot for another 26 years,” my fan heart filled right up.

Mike Reiss was in Canton, where he filed this report on Tippett’s day in the sun, and the introductory remarks of Pats owner Robert Kraft. Reiss also checks in with his weekly league notes, where he considers the Hall hopes of old friend Adam Vinatieri. John Tomase, likely in his final days on the Pats beat, filed the Herald’s report on the festivities. Tomase also reflects on John Hannah’s remarks at Friday evening’s Hall dinner, where he lauded Kraft’s leadership of the Patriots and his efforts to connect today’s success with the retired players who helped build the franchise over the years.

Last word on the induction ceremonies: I realize that several of them, if not most, were also in Canton for tonight’s Hall of Fame game featuring their team, but it was still pretty awesome to watch the hundreds (thousands?) of Washington fans turn out to raise their collective voice to hail Redskins Art Monk and Darrell Green as they took their place among the game’s greats.

Back in Foxborough, Ellis Hobbs and Wes Welker joined practice for the first time in 2008. Chris Gasper talks with Hobbs, who’s overcome a groin injury to return to the field for the first time since finding himself on an island with Plaxico Burress in Glendale, AZ. Rich Thompson of the Herald chats with Wes Welker, freed from the PUP and back at 100%.

Nick Kaczur faced a little media music after his troubled off-season. Gasper has Kaczur’s story (and a note on a brief Tom Brady injury scare yesterday, also troubling), as does the Herald’s Karen Guregian (with a pic of Brady being treated by a member of the team’s training staff).

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t ALL good news yesterday, I guess, though both writers make clear that Brady later returned to the field and completed practice unimpeded.

Don’t forget, you can always find more Sunday morning Pats news at the ProJo and the MetroWest Daily News. MWDN’s Douglas Flynn has an excellent piece today on the world of the NFL gunner, those daring lads on the wings of kick coverage. Nice, Doug.

That’s it for now, folks. Tomorrow I head back to the real world after a week’s vacation. Blah. Here’s the good news, though: there’s a real live televised football game tonight, and in just four days, the fans will be streaming up Route One on their way to another Patriots game.