by Scott Benson

The Pats’ helmets should have carried some sort of warning sticker before they took that field for last night’s pre-season game with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Something like “Warning: We Don’t Give A Shit”.

It would be foolish for a conference champion to treat pre-season like an extension of the regular campaign.  It would be foolish to show all your game plan cards in games that don’t even count. It would be foolish to play valuable starters who are nursing training camp bumps and bruises, and foolish not to find out what your rookies and street free agents are made of, while the margin of error is greatest.

It would also be foolish to take too much for granted.

For the first time in my life, I began to consider seriously all those cartoonish “consumer fraud” complaints that the media has lodged over the years. In a way. It’s one thing for someone to go to a pre-season game expecting to see Tom Brady play a full four quarters. That’s pretty stupid, if you ask me. Is this your first time at the fair?

But that said, the fans that do pay regular season cash for the right to watch a practice game ought to at least be able to count on seeing players that are, at minimum, trying.

If they don’t give a shit, why should we?

Oh, that’s right, I remember. Restaurants and retail.

Chris Warner will be back on Monday with the gory details.