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The Patriots cut down to 54 players last night, and the keyboards of New England’s football media have been clacking ever since. Let’s get to all of moves in this week’s Sunday Links.

In the Globe, Mike Reiss says veteran Fernando Bryant was this year’s surprise cut, and wonders if a door has been opened for the return of Ty Law. I’ve always been skeptical that the Pats could scratch Law where he itches the most – his wallet – but I admit I thought of the same thing when I first heard Bryant was gone. All the career redemption talk is great but if we know Law, it will all come down to money just as it always has. Does that sound like a fit to you?

Chris Gasper breaks down the Pats roster as it stands this morning. It was also announced yesterday that the NFL has suspended Kevin Faulk for totin’ those blunts to Lil Wayne’s Lafayette tour stop. The Pats will get a roster exemption for aother week or so while the capain cools his heels. Reiss eyeballs Herm Edwards and his Chiefs, who will be making a tour stop of their own a week from today. They are going to be totally blown away by all the shopping. I bet they don’t even know!

John Tomase handles the Herald coverage this morning, and says the Pats opened AND closed the pre-season with the same concerns at cornerback. What red herring will those merry pranksters put in Faulk’s locker this week? Careful, John. Lastly, in his weekly league notes, Tomase considers the Giants’ upcoming defense of their world title.

Not to keep harping on this, but I thought the Herald was all hot to add a football guy so that the beleaguered Tomase could make his move to the baseball beat? So what’s the hold up?  They’ve had all of training camp and by all appearances they’re still sitting on a dime over there. Was the plan to procrastinate before throwing their candidate at the job at the last minute?

Sounds about right.

In the ProJo, Shalise Manza Young is running through her analysis of yesterday’s moves when all of a sudden, a sportswriters debate breaks out! Topic: Pats predictions! Jim Donaldson says these Pats aren’t going far. SMY recoils. “oh, NO you didn’t……they’re winning the Super Bowl!” Finally, Robert Lee wanders in and offers a compromise. Phew! I was afraid that completely spontaneous moment was going to get out of hand.

The Sun Chronicle‘s Mark Farinella is cranky this morning. He hates pretty much everything about these Pats, including their celebrity quarterback. Gasp! Don’t worry, Mark knows you’re going to take issue with this, and he’s not afraid to take the heat…..of your clicks! That’s the job of the columnist – to challenge our preconceptions! To afflict the comfortable and the afflict the afflicted. Or something like that. Anyway, Farinella posts his roster breakdown too. And Kevin…..you’re going to have plenty of time to roll doobies when YOU’RE LIVING IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER! 

Elsewhere, the Patriots have mystified Douglas Flynn of the MWDN, and intrigued David Brown of the New Bedford S-T. In Brockton, Glen Farley is mulling over the roster, while in Worcester, Rich Garven is previewing the AFC East. Ian M. Clark of the Manchester Union-Leader says the 2007 season will be a hard act to follow for these Pats.

Well, today marks the beginning of the first week of the regular season. We at PD hope to see you often as another Pats campaign unfolds. Thanks for your support, and here’s to a great season.