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I wonder if the Commish has his gamer on already, or does he save it for later so he doesn’t get anything on it at lunch?

Despite some well-publicized trouble at home this week, the Patriots have decided to go through with their annual fall weekend in New York. Sometimes you just have to get away. Let’s grab our bags and go.

I feel like I’m forgetting something. Tickets, reservations, cab fare? Check. My phone, my wallet, my keys? Check.

Oh, my God! Did you pack the camera?

While you’re checking, make sure I packed enough Sunday Links.

In the Globe, Bob Hohler has the top position with a quarterback feature for the second week in a row. You sure you didn’t want to switch it up this week, Hohler? Maybe change your luck? Anyway, Bob thinks career understudy Matt Cassel is hurricane-awesome now, since he’s a nobody, but you watch Hohler if Cassel wins three Super Bowls. He’ll go right to the convenience stores, looking for dirt.

Chris Gasper looks at the best case scenario for the Pats – Cassel becoming a relief ace. Bob Ryan sees nothing but opportunities for New England, though he  has a funny way of saying it. Gasper’s notebook says Ben Watson, Eric Alexander and Sam Aiken are out of today’s game. In Aiken’s case, that last minute scrub was actually an improvement from where he’s been over the last month.  In his Scouting Report, Jim McBride’s having a Green Day, so of course he picks the Jets (by six).

Mike Reiss considers the health and well being of NFL quarterbacks, the very-special special teams of the Buffalo Bills, and old friend Rosevelt Colvin in his weekly league notes.

Look at this last bit in the Globe today. They decide to go back to their 2001 archives and see how they covered Tom Brady unseating Drew Bledsoe. I see this and I’m like Brett Favre; whatever. Then I spied the last entry, and the whole thing made sense:

Oct. 8, 2001
Exposed to a tough D, Brady struggles

What Brady did a week ago against the Indianapolis Colts was laudable. He gave his team the maximum for the minimum, which maybe means he should get an ad deal from T.J. Maxx. What it did not mean, not ever, was that there should be any doubt who the starting quarterback of the Patriots is and which guy gives them the best chance to win.

Frankly, Johnny Unitas and Joe Montana together wouldn’t give them a great chance to win against most teams at the moment, but of the available options Bledsoe is the answer to that question. He was before he got hurt and he will be when he’s healthy again in about five or six weeks.


Over at the Herald, they’re asking, “why can’t WE get analysis like that?” While they consider that question, John Tomase looks at the shell game that will be played between Bill Belichick and Eric Mangini today. Further, Tomase offers five more things to watch for this afternoon. I haven’t heard such fretting over Kris Jenkins since Super Bowl 38. Karen Guregian says the Jets have beefed up along both lines. They’re probably compensating for something.

Guregian reports that to the delight of hundreds of fans, Matt Gutierrez was added to the 53 man roster and will be on the sidelines today. C.J. Jones was released.

I don’t know why the Herald persists with this ridiculous ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ charade, but they’re at it again today. And it’s typically awful – maybe it’s camp? I’m only linking it because it’s Steve Serby and he’s declaring today to be “Brettribution Day!” Then he starts going on about a “seething, bulked-up team”.  Settle down, Beavis. You know how I know you’re gay? Like I said, I don’t know why the Herald persists with this.

In the ProJo, Jim Donaldson is prattling on about how the Jets ought to be favored by one and a half touchdowns today because they have Brett Favre, which tells me that Donaldson watches football only casually, like at family gatherings or if it’s raining out. He still considers himself a big fan, though.

Bill Reynolds ponders which came first: the chicken, or the egg? Shalise Manza Young sees an even defensive struggle today in her scouting report, before going up close with Eric Alexander, which is a case of bad timing I guess.  

In the Sun Chronicle, Mark Farinella says Favre presents the Pats with yet another quarterback dilemma today. Stop bugging the defense, Mark. You’re making them nervous! For some reason, Farinella adds a piece on how many quarterbacks the Patriots have had since he first started covering the team in 1977. I admit, I laughed when I saw the name “Mike Kerrigan.”

In the MetroWest Daily News, Douglas Flynn has Pete Carroll and Favre on Matt Cassel’s Time. Look, Lenny Megliola says don’t worry about the Cassel kid, right?

In the New Bedford Standard Times, David Brown has the obligatory Favre piece, but his best work is on this list of things to keep your eye on today. I appreciate the help, and Brown’s piece is really good, but what is it with these guys and their compulsion to point things out? Look at this. Watch for this. Hey, check this out. Get a load of that. I’m so busy looking and watching and eyeing things, I keep missing the play! Jesus, will you guys just watch the game? You’re driving me crazy!

Not really.

Also in the Standard Times, Tim Weisberg pulls duty on the annual “no, really, this year the Jets really ARE improved” piece. Tough break, Tim.

In the Telegram and Gazette, Rich Garven says either way you cut it, Brett Favre’s improv is good viewing. He’s a regular Robin Williams, all right. I love it when he goes on one of those “throw it to the other team to avoid being hit” riffs.

In the Union Leader, Mark Daniels likes the Pats by six in his scouting report.

By the way, we’d like to thank our pal Brian Bassett at The Jets Blog for inviting Dan Snapp in for a pre-game chat earlier this week (Snapp, predictably, handled the whole thing with aplomb). TJB is our fiercest division rival in the National Fan Blogging League. Let’s face it – be glad Brian’s only running the Jets blog. If he ran the whole team, I’d actually be worried today.