logoby Scott Benson

The Patriots will not go unaccompanied on their extended West Coast tour, which begins tomorrow afternoon in San Francisco.

With them will be dozens of Patriots-loving Californians who, fittingly, have joined forces through something called a “Yahoo Group.” Yahoos? My people!

Reader Barry reports:

The Patriots fan base is truly national and even international and with four west coast games this season (I live in Southern California) I started up a club called Patriots Tailgate for fans going to road games. This weekend we’d like to invite all Patriots fans out to a party we are having on Saturday night at Overtime Sports Bar & Grill and to the game day tailgate party at Monster Park in parking lot section I & J. Much more detail can be found by joining our Yahoo Group.

We’re expecting at least 100 hundred Pats fans and we’re doing it all over again the following weekend in San Diego.

Are you going to San Francisco? Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

Sorry. Someone my age is not going to pass up a chance to make a cutting-edge reference like that. Anyway, thanks for checking in, Barry, and good luck. Be sure to report back on the debauchery.

Hopefully your efforts will not go unrewarded.