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5 thoughts on “Niner Accomplishment

  1. After we signed Jordan I thought I had an epiphany…Trade Maroney. Young 1st round pick low mileage. Maybe get a 2nd rounder or a player for this year. My friends scoffed,laughed,mocked.
    He’s either pouting because he’s not featured or he’s a p***sy. Either way Peace. And dont gimme that crap about potential. Overreaction to one play, maybe. But I just dont like the guy. Dont like his running style. Gimme Morris, Jordan to get it up there for 4 or 5 or 6.


  2. Gutes4Pres: This has been a long road getting off the LoMo bus. Is he waiting to break out, or is he, say, Benjamin Watson? It’s tough to say, but I was struck by the effectiveness of the other three running the ball Sunday. He needs to have one great game to change minds; after that one play, I’m not sure he’s got it in him.


  3. Moroney is a cut back runner that doesnt cut back. Maybe he’d be good in a Denver or where ever Alex Gibbs is coaching. But in New England he is simply not cutting it. When a running back doesnt lower his shoulder to pick up an easy 1st down, then he is not doing his job. Its HIS JOB to run into people and initiate contact.


  4. I’ve been a Maroney defender for a long time but I think my patience has reached it’s limit. I just don’t see how this guy can be the feature back on this team. And go look at 2006 – it wasn’t an incredible year by Maroney but just WATCH him run. Watch him hit the holes, watch him make the cuts, watch him lower his shoulder. It looks like he’s lost about 10 steps in 2 years. He looks like the oldest RB out there when in fact he’s the youngest. A lot of this may be due to injury – playing conservative, subconciously favoring the shoulder, but the Pats can’t have that.


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