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This week on Patriots Daily……

On Monday, Chris Warner started the week with his review of Sunday’s 30-21 Patriots win over the San Francisco 49ers.

Tyler Carter followed on Wednesday with a closer look at the Pats’ third down defense against San Fran, a key to the New England victory.

On Friday, Britt Schramm turned his attention towards the San Diego Chargers and the second game of the Pats’ current Left Coast swing.

Lastly, this morning Greg Doyle looked at today’s Oklahoma at Texas match up on the College Scout.

Thanks to all of you who stopped by this week, and especially those who dropped a few pearls in our comments section.

Last bit – we mentioned last week our pal Reader Barry has been hard at work out west, gathering Pats partisans to attend the Pats games against the Niners and Chargers. Barry reports last week was a rousing success (about 130 turned up for the game and a variety of pre-game events in the City by the Bay), so here’s his report on this weekend’s festivities in San Diego:

On Saturday night we’ll be having a party at Seau’s Restaurant starting at 4:45pm (RSVP required). The time of this party was moved up so that our Red Sox fans can watch the game (5pm PST) 1640 Camino Del Rio North #1376, San Diego, CA 92108

On Sunday we’ll be meeting up offsite at the Hazard Center (7676 Hazard Center Dr) at noon and then drive out together at 12:30pm and enter Gate 3, then make an immediate U-turn to get to our tailgating section between G4 and H4. Many fans will also be taking the trolley in and will simply walk to our tailgate area to join us.

Join the Patriots Tailgate Yahoo Group to RSVP and get further details about this or any other road game.

Enjoy tomorrow night’s game, everybody.