logoby Scott Benson

Irony, that is.

Mike Reiss had a blog post yesterday afternoon that highlighted a recent Denver Post column regarding the NFL’s decision not to suspend Patriots nose tackle Vince Wilfork.

Casey Wiegmann, the Denver center, offered this interesting – and by that, I mean ridiculous – comment to Post columnist Mike Klis.

“When he gets beaten on a play and then retaliates with a cheap shot, it’s uncalled for,” Wiegmann is quoted as saying in the story.


When he gets beaten on a play…

Like getting beat 41-7 after compiling a measly 275 net yards and five turnovers and two quarterbacks knocked from the game?

and then retaliates with a cheap shot…

Like cooling your heels for two weeks and then pissing to the media after the league has already adjudicated the matter and handed down a hefty $35,000 fine?

it’s uncalled for…

That it is, Casey. That it is. Given that the Broncos have won exactly one playoff game since 1998 (a gift wrapped one at that), don’t you have something better to do?

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