logoby the PD Staff

A disappointing Sunday night road loss to a longtime conference rival left the PD staff wondering what might have been this week…

On Monday, Chris Warner bemoaned key gaffes from a mediocre Patriots performance in Indy.

In the early hours of Election Tuesday, Scott Benson ran a negative ad on Bill Belichick’s in-game decision-making against the Colts. 

On Thursday morning, Tyler Carter said Red Zone impotence was the cause of death for the Patriots.  Dan Snapp said that Stephen Gostkowski has vindicated the Patriots for Adam-and-Left.

As is his custom, Britt Schramm turned our Friday morning attention to Sunday’s battle for first place in the AFC East. Meanwhile in the PD Kitchen, Chef was working up some Canadian bacon in honor of our visitors from the North, the Toronto Roughriders.

With the loss to the Colts now fully out of the PD system, Greg Doyle put the Saturday morning stopwatch on college prospects from undefeated Penn State and upset darlings Texas Tech.

They thank you, as always, for your patronage.